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Buyer rebates and Discount listing commissions allow you to keep more of your hard earned money. Whether you are selling or purchasing a home in Sacramento, we will provide you with uncompromised, exceptional traditional full service representation; but at a significantly discounted rate.

As a Seller in Sacramento, you will only pay a total of a 3.5% commission (or potentially less). We recommend compensating the buyer’s agent 2.5%; while we retain 1% (or potentially less depending upon the value of your home). As a Buyer in Sacramento, we will rebate to you, as a credit in escrow, up to 1% of the purchase price at close of escrow. As a Buyer, Betchley Realty Group will retain a 2% commission and rebate to you the difference between our retained commission (2%) and the commission offered by the seller (typically 2.5% - 3%).  

Retain your hard earned money when you buy or sell a Sacramento home with our Buyer’s rebates and Discount Listing Commissions

Uncompromised Exceptional Representation!

Our plan is simple

Betchley Realty Groups structured low overhead environment and the fact that we do not have to split commissions within our company (i.e. between agent and broker), allows us to reduce our commission rate. As a result, we are able to help more buyers and sellers through our discount listing commission and buyer rebate programs; which result in increased savings to you and company profitability.  To be clear, not all properties qualify for buyer rebates due to factors outside our control. As an example, most lenders that permit a “short sale” or lenders of foreclosed properties; will not allow Buyers to receive a rebate and as a result we unfortunately cannot provide them. Additionally, if the home you select to purchase offers a severely discount commission of 2% or less, we would be unable to discount our commission.

A 1% rebate on a purchase price of $500,000 is $5,000 TO YOU. This money can, for example, be used to buy down your interest rate or pay for closing costs

Keith Betchley, our broker, will help you to sell or find the home of your dreams in Sacramento, California. We are here to protect and represent your better interests.

RIGHT NOW is the right time to sell or buy your Sacramento, California home.  Call us today at 916-299-6601.

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